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Our Premium Grade Tennessee Bison filet is available in a range of 4oz to 12.oz cuts. This is the ultimate bison filet. Grass fed, pasture raised bison steaks represent the highest level of marbling offered by Bullbourne Bison.

Meticulously hand-selected for their superior tenderness and robust flavor, our Bison Filets are the pinnacle of gourmet dining. Raised on open pastures in Tennessee, our bison are nurtured under ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring a premium product that aligns with your discerning standards.

Immerse yourself in the lean, succulent profile of these filets, characterized by a rich depth of flavor that sets them apart. Versatile and refined, our Gourmet Tennessee Bison Filet is perfect for those seeking a culinary experience that transcends the ordinary.

Whether you're a seasoned chef crafting a masterpiece or a home cook seeking to elevate everyday meals, our Gourmet Tennessee Bison Filet promises an unparalleled dining experience. Embrace the exceptional and savor the unique taste of Tennessee with each delectable bite.

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